LuAnn de Lesseps, Kelly Bensimon

Ali Paige Goldstein/Bravo

TGIF, right? Well...maybe not if you're these folks:

Luann de Lesseps Not only does the Countless skip Ramona's bachelorette bonanza, she starts last night's ep with her croaky singing and ends it with an awkward makeout sesh with a book-shilling mini-Gerard Dépardieu look-alike. At least she's moved on to a somewhat hotter man.

Kelly Bensimon: Our dear Sasquatch lives in a land of cartwheels where you can make lemons out of lemonade. You know it's bad when you make a drunk Ramona look like the sane one.

So pour yourself a skinnygirl margarita, and pick the best of the worst:

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