It looks like Miley Cyrus won't be getting Kim Kardashian-like death threats any time soon.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show (airing Monday), Justin Bieber insists he is "just hanging out" with the bump 'n' grind fellow teen star after Ellen shows a picture of the two of them together and proceeds to prod him about his love life.

In fact, Justin admits he's "not really" dating at all. "Like, I'm dating around, hanging out with girls, but not really dating," he says.

OK. Let's move on to something a bit more newsworthy, shall we?

"Now you're hair has become your thing," Ellen points out. "How long do you spend on that hair?"

"Like five minutes," Justin reveals. "Like, seriously, people are always like, 'Yeah, right.' I get out of the shower, I blow dry it and then it's done in, like, five minutes."

What? Were you really expecting a discussion on world hunger?

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When it comes to Justin, what's the appeal?

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