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We knew we loved Ashley Greene for a reason. Well, Kellan Lutz and his abs, too, obviously, but let's stick to the ladies first.

While salarygate is still oh so on, we're hearing more rumblings via Deep Twi about what exactly is going down behind the scenes over at the Twilight studio:

Summit very much means business, as if you smart Twi-hards haven't figured that out already. We hear the studio isn't exactly budging as much as Team Ashley and Team Kellan would like about the alleged 2 million big ones they want for each Breaking Dawn flick. Or 4 mil, depending on which outlet you read. Although we too hear 4 for each flick is higher than what's really being thrown around by the vamp's teams.

But some more perspective for ya: We hear this game of chicken going down isn't as much in the stars hands as you'd think. Seems everyone around Alice and Emmett Cullen are convincing the two they "easily" can get more money from the recently rollin'-in-cash studio.

However, a source close to Greene tells us she hardly is in it for the green.

"Or course she would like more money, who wouldn't?" dishes an insider familiar with the situation.

"Especially when [the studio] has made billions from not only the movies but from franchising all the stars on the side, too. But at the end of the day [Ashley] doesn't want money over the franchise. She loves her fans and really wants to do the final film even if it means not getting the dollar sum she hopes for."

The insider adds that while A.G. and K.L. realize they're no Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner, when it comes to carrying the movie or even being so heavily promoted on the sidelines, they both carry their weight, too.

Let's not forget that.

Interesting to note, also, that Ashley and Kellan both have the same agentso aside from being BFFs, that makes sense why they both are going down the same route right now.

Look, we adore the babes—both babes. But trust us on this: We've got our ears at Summit (yes, even if it's not just Robsten related) and the buzz over there is hardly pleasant.

Take your current offer, kids.

More moolah isn't worth it in the big scheme of things. Hell, if you finish it out at least you can count on still having tons of press. Not many actors your age can say the same damn thing.

If not for us, then do it for the fans, Kel and Ash! We all want you both back. Right? Chime in below to start campaigning to save Ashley and Kellan! 'Cause trust us, the situation could get dicey for one, if not both, stars.


Photos: Life Beyond Twilight.

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