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Can't you feel the love, American Idolers? The romantic duets, the inappropriate comments about Kara DioGuardi and Casey James, the "music crush" comment from Crystal Bowersox, Team WWK drowning in Lee Dewyze's baby blues...

Sorry. Dialing it back. We did get to talk with the final four after Tuesday's show, and they too had some things to say about the loving atmosphere in the Idol dome, including which duet was almost a very, um, "hands on" one...

"Mike [Lynche] was going to hold me in his arms for the song, but we couldn't figure out a way with the guitars," Casey deadpans. They couldn't work that out?! Bummer. Still, it was pretty clear that the duets were the best part of the night. And while the pairs were a "behind-the-scene producer's decision," the gang insisted the staging and song choice was all them—and a collaborative choice at that.

"Lee suggested one, but Once is my favorite movie and I made him watch it," Crystal says of their slamming "Falling Slowly" duet. "When she suggested it, I was like, 'Oh, yeah. That's a great song. Let's do it,'" adds Lee. Look at that teamwork! No wonder Crystal has a "music crush" on him, which she explained as "just my adoration for a musician." Still, that face-to-face setup was pretty awww-inducing. "It's a very intimate song, and it's a very emotional song. If anything, it helped us get into the song, being that close to each other," Lee explains.

Easy, DeSox hopefuls. The love is strictly musical. Her boyfriend was in the audience after all, wearing American flag pants and dancing like an eighth grader at his first coed mixer. But she still hearts him for it. "This morning I told him if he truly loved me, he would wear his American flag pants." And that's the way to profess your love, everybody.

The bromance energy was flowing between Casey and Big Mike as they explained their decision to cover Bryan Adams' "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" "Mike was so excited about that song that it wasn't even a question," Casey says enthusiastically. "I thought it was the perfect choice." We agree, you two.

And when the inevitable cougar talk was brought up because of Casey's song choice, "Mrs. Robinson," he shrugs and says it doesn't bother him. "I took my shirt off to get through to the Hollywood round, so I can't really complain if they're going to bring something like that up. I'm just glad to be here."

Ditto, Casey James.

What say you? Do you agree the duets knocked out the solo performances? Who's going home tonight? Head to the comments, but keep with the theme of love.

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