Warning: If you suffer from any sort of incontinence issues, you should avert your eyes from the clip above. 

That unbreathably funny sneak peek is just a taste tonight's HI-larious (see what I did there?) episode of Modern Family. As the much loved ABC comedy wraps its phenomenal first season, I asked big boss Steve Levitan five burning questions...

Will tonight's episode be as good as when the Bradys went to Hawaii?
Listen, we're gonna try to just live up to the Brady/Hawaii episode. But sadly, nobody is going to step on a conch shell or go under a secret spell or anything like that. It's not a ratings ploy. Frankly, I'm tired and wanted to go to Hawaii. The family vacation is just a part of modern family life, so we figured let's do it and let's not just pretend we're doing it, let's go. And yes, let's have some fun in Hawaii.

Is it true that you all filmed a supersecret Lost crossover while there?
What we're trying to do is plant several modern families in several different times and then jump all around. And then we have a fully underwater episode, too. We're really gonna embrace it. Why not?

You've been credited in the press with saving the TV comedy genre. Does that bring on a certain amount of pressure?
A little pressure. I did another show with my partner a year or two ago, and they said that one was going to save the sitcom. In full dramatic fashion, we decided to knock the sitcom down a peg first before we saved it. I think we pulled that one off somehow.

Are you planning a Modern Family spinoff, or any other series?
No. I wanna focus on Modern Family right now. I feel so fortunate to be on a show that is somehow working in this day and age that I don't dare want to jinx it by taking my eye off of it for a minute.

What can you tell us about next week's season finale?
Claire [Julie Bowen] just wants to take the perfect family portrait, and that does not go so well. And how about this? Phil [Ty Burrell] and Gloria [Sofia Vergara]…I don't even know if I should say this. Phil and Gloria might end up on the Kiss Cam at a Laker game. That's all I'm saying.

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