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Jeez, when it rains it sure pouts over on that Glee set, what with our Blind Vice reveal of naughty Lea Michele (and her resulting apology for her behavior), and now Perez Hiltonvia blogger Kenneth Walsh—getting in on the bitchy action!

According to Walsh and Hilton, the Glee cast has sent a letter of complaint about being overworked to creator Ryan Murphy, who wasn't exactly pleased to get it. He apparently said he didn't "want to hear it."

Oh, really?

Hey, Ry, love your work like I love the whole damn cast, but remember: You created these darling monsters! Their popularity ain't going anywhere, thanks to you, so you might as well start coping now. Maybe pick just one of the cast to deal with, so you don't have to suffer all those rising egos all at once?

And may we suggest Lea to do the job?

See, there's a little known secret that Lisa Kudrow battled ferociously on behalf of the Friends cast once negotiations with NBC got dicey, primarily over money, which the cast wanted more of—a lot more of.

And clearly, if Glee continues to bitch-slap American Idol to the side—heat-wise, at least—the Glee machine's only to grow more. And everybody's gonna want a bigger piece of the pie, including better treatment all the way around, of course.

So, clearly, Lea, as this column has reported, is the best suited for the job. She not only has chutzpah, as we reported with photographer Patrick McMullan, she was also quick to apologize for her sass to Patrick: classy.

That's the crafty kinda gal you need, Ry, a babe who not only knows how to work the system, she'll say she's sorry to you right after she tells you everything you don't want to hear. It's a win-win!

Obviously, Michele's an unafraid gal, just like Kudrow was all those years, standing up to the big baddies at NBC.

Remember, it was Lisa who essentially got all her gang a mil-per-episode paycheck!

Up for the challenge, Lea? Hey, just a suggestion, nothing more.

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