Kate Hudson, Jaimie Pressley

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Did Kate Hudson and Jaime Pressly really get boob jobs? Is there any way to tell without copping a feel?
—BDude, via the Answer B!tch inbox

Oh, but you'd like that, wouldn't you? Rumors Kate Hudson reportedly had her knockers perkified have been going around for more than a month now, and per Us Weekly, Jaime Pressly has also. Many celebrity types have gotten enlargements recently, though most of them are D-level, lurking in the dark nexus between Real Housewives and Jersey Shore.

Anyway, here's how to spot today's fake boobie:

First of all, if the boob job is any good—meaning if the star went to a serious, respected plastic surgeon and actually listened to the advice from said surgeon—there's a good chance you won't be able to spot a fake boobie at all.

Why? I spoke to Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria about this very seriously important issue. He tells me that if the star chooses to have a very modest enhancement—say, going from an A cup to a B, or at the largest, a small C—and chooses a teardrop-shaped implant, then unless you have before and after photos, a good surgeon can make the transition look seamless.

However, if the star insists on (a) a more dramatic transformation than that or (b) a more traditional, rounder, perkier breast shape, that's where the telltale signs come in, especially in the first year after surgery, Calabria tells me.

"There will be a slightly larger, rounder look in the upper pole," Calabria says. "The upper part of the breast, it is going to look slightly rounder" than usual, he explains.

What do I mean? Well, the upper half, or say, northern hemisphere, of the breast, the part that normally looks a little flatter thanks to gravity, will instead appear a little too round to pass as normal.

Put another way, the top part of the breast won't sit so flat as it would otherwise. It will curve and bend like a globe instead of...well, you get the point.

That, Calabria says , "is a dead giveaway."

So, in conclusion: If you happen to spot Hudson running around on a beach half-naked and can approach close enough to get a good look at her "upper pole," you just might have all the information you need.

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