Until the above clip went viral, Keith Hernandez was best known to nonbaseball fans for dating Elaine on Seinfeld. Now, he's the guy who napped during a New York Mets game.

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But, c'mon, did he really fall asleep?

Let's just say, Hernandez wouldn't be the first boldfaced name to be caught catching Z's. 

During one of his endless court dates, convicted-killer Phil Spector snoozed away his precious moments of free time. Former President Bill Clinton bobbed and weaved during a 2008 Martin Luther King Jr. Day event. Christian Bale nodded off during a sleeping scene in Batman Begins—and didn't wake up until Michael Caine poked him in the ribs. (Unfortunately, we don't have footage, just Bale's word.)

So, do Hollywood types fall asleep at inappropriate times? Yes. (There's even at least one case of a tragic, deadly snooze, but we're trying to keep things light here.)

Did the 56-year-old Hernandez fall asleep at an inappropriate time? It sure looks that way. And no one has said the ex-jock wasn't out for a bit during Saturday's extra-inning contest between the Mets and the San Francisco Giants. We tried to find out what Hernandez's TV station had to say, but our call wasn't returned.

In any case, sleeping during baseball games, or rumors thereof, is the new national pastime. Veteran star Ken Griffey Jr. has had to deny that he was unavailable to play in a game last week because he was in La-La Land.

Or, if the Seinfeld reference applies, Yada-Yada-Yada Land.  

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