Dear Elisabeth Hasselbeck,

Erin Andrews may still be waiting for your call, but she's going to be just fine without it, thank you very much.

It was just last week that Andrews was apparently reduced to tears after she heard that the View cohost made an on-air joke about her stalker. Evan Lysacek tells us his Dancing With the Stars friend was hurt more than she publicly let on.

"All I know is I came to the studio last Tuesday and it was my friend Erin's birthday," the Olympic gold medalist told me this morning. "I couldn't wait to see her, but when I showed up she was in tears."

How's Andrews doing today? Read on to find out...

Do you think Elisabeth owes Erin an apology?
After all she's been through? I was disappointed that she had to deal with that. But I think Erin has put it in the past now. I think she'll be OK. She's a tough girl. Erin would never show it in public, but she has feelings.

That's good to hear. Now, as far as the show goes, if you had to pick a winner right now, who do you think it would be?
Oh, God. That's really tough. It's extremely unpredictable. I think the people who are gone and the sequence they've gone in has been so unpredictable. But I have to say maybe my favorite is Erin and Maksim. They're so tall that it's so impactful.

How nervous are you about tonight's elimination?
I'm a little nervous, to be honest with you, because we're down to the wire now. It could be anyone.

How sad were you when your friend Pamela Anderson was sent home last week?
I was pretty upset. She was an incredible part of the show. She was such a kind, honest, caring and nurturing person. The show was amazing for her because she got to show that part of her. I don't think people expected to fall in love with her the way they did.

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