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What's Betty White got that Sarah Palin has, too? What's Glee doing to Lost? And do you have Bones to pick with David Boreanaz?

The answers—and more questions about The Real Housewives of New York City—in the latest ratings quiz:

1. Betty White and Sarah Palin: What's the connection? They're both Saturday Night Live draws. Last weekend's show with White was the highest-rated SNL since Nov. 1, 2008, when Tina Fey made one last pre-election appearance as the veep candidate. (All right, so maybe we should have said fake Sarah Palin…)

2. Betty White and Miskel Spillman: What's the connection? They're both SNL draws. Spillman, an 80-year-old granny who won a contest to host in 1977, lifted the show to its then-second-best Nielsen performance ever. White and Spillman also happen to be SNL's two oldest hosts ever.

3. Is Glee being a killjoy to Lost? Since Glee returned in April and flashed its jazz hands on Tuesdays opposite Lost, the latter show's average audience has dipped, from 12 milion viewers to around 11.5 million. But that's why the TV gods invented TiVo. ABC says Lost is adding 2.2 million viewers via DVR every week.

4. Which show do viewers pay the closest attention to? This one Lost wins. Yes, those confounding plotlines have not been for naught. Per an report on a new Nielsen study, Lost is TV's most "engaging" show, followed by The Middle, Brothers & Sisters and Chuck

5. Is there any indication David Boreanaz's bad press has been bad for Bones? Well, last Thursday's episode, the first to air since the cheating scandal broke, was down a touch from the previous week (from 9.3 million viewers to 8.9 million), but that probably was more the result of the show going up against a stronger Survivor (12.8 million).

6. You're not the only one caught up in Real Housewives of New York City drama…um, right? Fear not. Last week's episode, featuring the fallout from Alex's messenger work, scored a cable-good 2.2 million viewers, and, per Bravo, the series' biggest demo ratings for a regular-old catfight episode (reunion catfight episodes, excluded).

7. True or false: All that Amazing Race drama added up to amazing ratings? True-ish. Sunday's finale won its time slot, with 10.6 million viewers. The show's previous season finale last December, however, recorded 12.3 million viewers.

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Right this way for the Betty White sketches you didn't see on Saturday Night Live.

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