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Party planner Jennifer Gilbert is one of the new girls on the block over at The Real Housewives of New York City.

While we haven't seen much of her yet, lemme tell ya, we're lovin' her. Why? Because Ms. J.G. tells it like it is—and then some...

"While I was shooting it, you could see I was like, 'What the f--k is wrong with these people?'" says Gilbert, an event planner who joined the show when Jill Zarin hired her for an ice-skating party. "I've never seen women who have so many issues…Compared to them, I look like a saint."

She got a true taste of said issues when, as seen on last night's episode, Zarin and Alex McCord got into a shouting match in her apartment.

Zarin ended up storming away and crying to Kelly Bensimon in Gilbert's—ready for this?—pantry closet! "I literally was like, 'Where are they? Oh no, they did not just walk into my pantry!'" Gilbert remembered. "But what you didn't see is, I opened the door and said, 'Get out of my pantry. There are other rooms in my home.'"

And add Gilbert to the list of people who do not think Zarin and Bethenny Frankel will ever be BFFs again. "Do I think Jill's coming off more crazy? 100 percent," Gilbert said. "I think Jill's having a rough season. She's not looking good. She feels terrible…The truth is, she's a good person. She means well, but she's just a busybody and she just doesn't know when to zip it."

Now, how about that bottled-blond writer guy who Countess Luann de Lesseps was getting cozy with on last night's episode? "I was sitting there and LuAnn is all proper—you know, The Countess—and I'm looking at this guy and thinking, 'No f--king way,'"  Gilbert said. "Wait till you see when he tries to make out with her—you are going to vomit."

Don't say she didn't warn ya.

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