Justin Bieber, Matthew Morrison, Britney Spears

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Reports of Matthew Morrison verbally bashing Britney Spears have apparently been overrated.

Just days after showing no love for Justin Bieber, the Glee star seemed to have dissed the princess of pop, too...

"I don't get this Bieber thing," Morrison told us recently. "I really don't get it…I haven't even heard his music. I couldn't tell you one name of his songs—and I'm not lying about that."

And now?

Matty M. is said to have taken a shot at Britney Spears when he was asked the other day what he tought about Glee doing an all-Britney episode like they did with Madonna. "That's a rumor [Spears'] manager started," Morrison told Us Weekly. "I hope our show doesn't go along that route."

A rep for Morrison assures me that the actor is not anti-Britney. "He just doesn't think they should do one episode with all Britney music," the rep said.

Obviously, there are those who disagree. About 7,700 people have now registered as fans on the recently launched "In Support of Glee Making a Britney Spears Episode" page on Facebook.

Sadly for Spears fans, Brit ain't no Betty White. The 88-year-old funnylady racked up 507,000 fans on the Facebook page pushing for her to host Saturday Night Live.

Maybe it's time for a campaign to get Betty White on Glee!

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In other music news, country star Chely Wright came out as a lesbian earlier this week. Read our interview with the "Shut Up and Drive" singer right here.

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