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Dear Ted:
You recently responded that it was OK for Kelly Clarkson to be the current weight she is. I agree with you. However, I deem it hypocritical of you to say so when you are one of the first bloggers to start speculating that a starlet is getting too thin. Why not comment on someone becoming too fat, too? If you feel one is bad, so is the other. The double standard is not fair. Being too fat or being too skinny is a choice to be made by each individual but both can be equally unhealthy.

Dear Weight Watchers:
Big difference though, babe. Chicks like Kelly are healthy, whereas the ladies I call out for slimming down extra quick are doing so purposely and usually not by the healthiest ways (let's just say they aren't shedding the pounds by watching their calorie intake). And in H'wood more girls are trying to become dangerously skinny than plump up. But I hear ya just the same. Point taken.

Dear Ted:
I'm the mom of one adorable daughter and two rescue kitties. I am also a huge fan of your Blind Vice column. I was wondering is Jackie Bouffant James Franco? I've seen pictures of him from a recent film festival and yikes! He had to be on something! Could you give me a hint? Thanks!
—B in Cincinnati

Dear J2:
Close babe, but James isn't Jackie. J.F. has a Vice all of his own, though, any guesses what it is?

Dear Ted:
When has "coming out" become such a spectacle? I mean noncelebrities come out everyday without a PR machine. Why can't it be that simple. Also, what's is with Halle Berry playing up to the paparazzi after her breakup? It's all so strange.

Dear Ditto:
Same answer to both questions, doll: publicity. Isn't that why these celebs do anything?

Dear Ted:
Any new dirt on Rachael Ray? Is she Cruella St. Shackles?

Dear Daytime Diva:
Cruella, Rachael Ray is not. But what a fabulously great guess! But Cruella throws up much more than Rach does, clearly.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering how come it's only the Disney girls that you ever hear about? Miley, Selena, Demi? What about all the guys?

Dear It's a Girls' World:
Sure, you hear about the JoBros from time to time, but most of the Disney dudes could only dream of being able to create the type of drama these teen queens can stir up, Miles being the leader of course.

Dear Ted:
I just recently discovered how deliciously boyish and sexy Ryan Kwanten is. Please, please tell me all about him. Has he ever been in your B.V.s? What other shows has he acted in? Thanks a million darlin' ! Hugs and kisses.

Dear Blood Lust:
He's Australian, too, which makes him extra yummy. But you better get in line, babe, Taryn already called dibs on this H'wood hunk.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering what the deal is with Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. I was hoping to see them together for the premiere of Iron Man 2 and nothing, then this weekend she showed up with her twin brother. Is their relationship cooling off? I know you might know something.

Dear Lying Low:
The couple has never been red-hot, at least not in the public eye, and that's the way they like it. The duo doesn't feel the need to flaunt their relaysh, they just do their own thing, which is pretty damn rare for one of the most beautiful couples ever.

Dear Ted:
I have been reading your column for two years, and I think it's great. So my question is: Are any of Blind Vices obvious and people have correctly guessed who the person behind a Vice is but you lie and say: "No s/he is not her/him", because of a lawsuit or something?

Dear Liar Liar:
I would never lie to you, darling. I love my designer pants too much for them to ever be on fire, trust.

Dear Ted:
Are Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev dating? They look cute together, and I'd love to see them as a real couple.

Dear Vamptastic:
I bet the CW would love to see them as a real couple, too! Ain't happening.

Dear Ted:
In your last couple of B.B.s you stated that Judas Jack-Off is not a "single man," so is the relaysh with the GF now the real thing? And if so, is he no longer interested in even a sex hook up with DDD? I have another question for you. Has DDD truly rebounded from the heartbreaking dump by JJO?

Dear Bad News:
No. And it's pretty obvious, too.

Dear Ted:
I am about to finalize my adoption of two wonderful children! We celebrated getting a hearing date by adopting a beautiful little rescue pup we named Daisy. Could you tell me if there is any dirt on Brad Paisley? Has he ever been a B.V.? Kisses.

Dear Dirty Boy:
If there's one thing we've learned from Chely Wright's big coming out, it's that country stars know how to keep a secret (just ask Kenny and Keith, if you don't believe me). And, trust, they can be just as titillating as the H'wood crowd's Vices.

Dear Ted:
When a high-profile couple breaks up—namely Reese and Jake, Halle and Gabriel—the women were pictured out and about with their new fellas very quickly after the breakup was announced. My question is, were these guys just waiting in the wings for the relationship to be over, or are these women trying to send a message that they are still desirable, in-demand and totally dateable babes?

Dear Babe In Demand:
The latter, definitely.

Dear Ted:
It seems there's a gender double standard in Hollywood when it comes to sexual orientation and coming out: Anna Paquin has revealed that she's bi—sure, it made headlines for about 1.5 days, that's about it. I highly doubt that it will negatively affect her career/image (it shouldn't!); if anything, some might find that it adds an intriguing edge. Angelina, at one point, had a serious relationship with a woman, but again, who cares? If, on the other hand, one of Anna's many gorgeous male costars from True Blood came out as bi, something tells me it would have a very different, more dramatic effect. Your thoughts? Do the guys in Hollywood have a harder time being open about who they are than women do? Or is that because both Anna and Angelina ultimately ended up with men?

Dear Duh:
You're just realizing this now?

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