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Dear Miley Cyrus: Please put the inevitable house parties on hold and join the Hollywood club scene sooner rather than later—because it's so boring out right now!

For any club-rats in the LA area, you know the scene's pretty dead right now. The only "star" you're going to see out is Lindsay Lohan.

And her mom Dina, of course. Make us barf:

Linds hit up the opening of Hollywood's hopeful new hotspot Las Palmas Wednesday night, arriving around 10:30 and leaving at 2:00, only to house party it up until 7 a.m. But Lohan "wasn't drinking" at the club. Uh huh.

Who else is so sick of this same old friggin' story?

LL had a table to celebrate her guy-pal's b-day while Mom sat in a booth next to her 23-year-old daughter, chatting rather seriously with someone for a while. Somehow we're going to go out on a limb and say it wasn't about getting her daughter help.

Even though Dina may be the lesser of two evils when compared to Michael Lohan, it's still like choosing which Gosselin you prefer. We would just rather go with neither, can we do that?

While at Las Palmas, LL had some new security guards who wouldn't let anyone she didn't know near the table.

Right, because Lindsay is so hot right now everyone's dying to hang out with the tan-line creator who used to be an actress.

Seriously, when is this all just going to end? Should we put a ban on Lindsay and all the Lohan's a la they who shall not be named?

Maybe if the press starts going away, like Lindsay claims she wants, this girl can actually focus on helping herself and staying out of jail. Or worse, the ground!

We've always been fans of Lohan's work (pre-I Know Who Killed Me) and think the gal is uber-talented. She just needs to stop wasting her money on trying to buy friends and extra-security and use it for acting classes again. Hollywood loves a comeback, prove us all wrong, girlfriend!

But until then, what do you guys think—should LL be banned from the column? Weigh in below.

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