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Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, another Survivor tsunami comes along to knock us on our asses.

In tonight's double elimination episode of Heroes vs. Villains, the minority knew they were on a sinking ship. The only thing that could save them? Mutiny aboard the U.S.S. Villains. And that could never happen.

Could it?

Aye, mateys!

OK, Candice we saw coming. No one likes a traitor, so it wasn't a huge surprise that she was tossed overboard before Colby and Pirate Rupert.

But...Danielle?! A Villain walking the plank? Raise your Hantz for Russell everybody, because—love him or hate him—he is the captain of this ship again.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, Danielle DiLorenzo


"Karma's a Bitch Sometimes": Famously flipping Candice got burned again by her own disloyalty, but Probst's parting words—"It's a risky move when you betray trust in order to gain trust"—resonate even more in her absence. Russell is so in the doghouse with the missusParvati—for sending home her BFF, Danielle, in one of his most blatant lies to date. The relationship between the king and queen of Heroes vs. Villains—truly unprecedented in Survivor—is endlessly fascinating. Will they kiss and make up, or will it end in tragedy?

"I'm a Villain, Dumbass!" "Good guy" Rupert seems more outraged than anyone by Russell's behavior. Yes, Rupert, he is "worse than Jonny Fairplay." Yet there's no comparison between Fairplay's dead grandma ruse for pity points and Russell's Machiavellianism. Still, in a game for a million dollars, no one should be considered "a disgusting, terrible human being" for swearing on anyone's "life." (Low-slung TMI shorts and nasty beards, however, are another story...)

Immunity Idle: For once the Hidden Immunity Idol didn't determine the outcome of either Tribal Council tonight. Rupert's rock wasn't even a factor, since Candice received the majority of the votes, and no one knows it's Sandra who actually has the Idol. Yeah, that's right: No one knows. It's so gratifying when Castaways don't unnecessarily—out of hubris or giddy excitement—reveal their prize to others. We don't know whether Sandra will use the Idol next week, either, but she will be playing...Russell! While the king and queen battle publicly, Sandra is using guerilla tactics to overthrow the monarchy altogether.

Somebody whose name starts with an R is definitely going home next week. If the third time isn't the charm to send home Rupert and his tie-dye, then it's got to be Russell. Sandra openly declared in the previews, "I'm against you, Russell," and despite what he thinks, he's no match against her combined manipulative power and immunity.

What do you think? Which schemer's got what it takes to go all the way? Vote now in our new poll! And post any Q's you have for Candice and Danielle in the comments: We're chatting with both of them tomorrow morning!

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