Pamela Anderson, Kate Gosselin

Hellmuth Dominguez,; James Devaney/

Pamela Anderson got a much better send-off than Kate Gosselin.

Our Dancing With the Stars source says the cast and crew are all totally bummed the buxom blonde is off the show.

"Everyone was sad to see her go," our insider dishes. "She was really fun to work with and was so nice to everyone. Definitely unlike [Gosselin]."

But what about all those diva demands that happened early on in the season?

Says Deep Dance:

"Yeah [Pam] definitely had her moments, but everyone did. Throughout the season it was pretty much just a drop in the bucket, though."

A Kate Gosselin bucket perhaps? Hers was overflowing.

But back to Pam, who we were rooting for. Our insider said that despite wanting her lighting to be perfect, she treated the crew with respect, which is pretty unusual around these celeb parts.

Sasses our DWTS spy:

"Sure [Pam] could be a diva, but she's allowed. At least she's been a celebrity for a while and isn't famous for having a douchebag ex and lots of kids."

Meow, do you all love it or love it?

So now that the Dancing entertainment is gone, who are you all rooting for? Or are you like us and pass on the awkward tangos and go straight for the goss?

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