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Another day, another bombshell. On second thought, make that another day, same old Bombshell.

Jesse James' divorce-heralding other woman has admitted that he kept on texting her even after baby Louis Bardo entered the picture.

What a guy. Although oddly enough, despite his infidelity, he did remain loyal to Sandra Bullock in one very, very important way.

He didn't blab about the adoption.

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee tells E! News that on March 14—well after the January arrival of the gorgeous little guy and, not so coincidentally, the same day as her tell-all interview with In Touch Weekly—she swapped multiple texts with James.

What she didn't confirm, but which other sources did, was that she instigated the texts at the behest of the tabloid. Nothing like a good old fashioned setup!

"Those texts were done during her interview for In Touch," a source says. "They asked her to text him to see if he would respond, and he obviously did."

A rep for In Touch says it is company policy not to comment on the magazine's stories (handy!).

Whatever the case, the rest was Hollywood history.

"Yes, he did text me then," McGee says, adding that she started the convo off by sending out a seemingly harmless, "Whatcha doin stranger."

Jesse replied, "Nuthin! Was just think'n bout u this morning." McGee ended the exchange with, "Aahhhhh you miss me lol."

You can't buy class like that. Well, not unless you've got $30,000.

But as for that adoption, McGee says James never even dropped a hint, and for that, at least, Bullock can be thankful.

"I had no idea," McGee says. "None."

Meanwhile, Bullock has continued to lie low in the wake of her divorce and adoption revelations last month, though her legal team has been hard at work.

Two more attorneys have filed motions with Texas' Travis County Courts requesting permission to join the legal arm of Team Bullock.

Which means that Los Angeles-based family lawyer Joseph Kibre and New Orleans-based Edward Howell Crosby will, so long as it pleases the court, will both be working on the divorce case.

As it happens, both attorneys come with some serious pedigree. Crosby successfully defended a scammed Bullock in a 2004 tax case, while Kibre has handled family law cases for Clint Eastwood and royal conspiracy theorist Mohamed Al-Fayed, among others.

Unsurprisingly, neither has commented on their roles in the case.

—Additional reporting by Whitney English

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