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In the words of NFL superstud, Dancing with the Stars groover and obvious man of brilliance Chad Ochocinco: "The show's losing a lot of sexiness."

And so it went time and time again in all of tonight's backstage interviews with the remaining dancers when they were asked about this week's eliminee. But through the sadness came a walk down memory lane with said axed contestant.

Cue cute!

Poor Pamela Anderson has wrapped her weekly run in America's living rooms, much to the dismay of her now former DWTS costars.

"We've developed a real close friendship and she's an amazing person," pro Cheryl Burke told us alongside that Ochocinco partner of hers. "People sometimes perceive people differently and then they do a show like this and their true colors come out. She's a strong, smart woman."

A woman Erin Andrews calls "one of the greatest people on the cast." And not just because she's a sexy beast! "She was just always so nice and it was refreshing to be able to tell people, when they asked what it was like to be around her, that she was cool," Erin explained. "It was nice that a big star didn't let us down."

Pamela Anderson

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And paging tonight's kinkiest dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who filled us in on some dirty thoughts that involve—gulp!—more than we ever needed to know. "She's like a supersexy first grade teacher. Maybe that's the fantasy..." Yowza. He did have some sweet things to say, too—so don't you worry, Maks fans. "I know Pamela Anderson. That's it, enough said. I can walk up to her, unlike Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat. I can actually walk up and get a hug. It's like that with Ms. Anderson," he said with an ever so slight blush on his cheeks.

Rumored girlfriend Erin concurs: "Every time Maks would talk to her, he'd turn into a 10-year-old and go, 'I just talked to Ms. Anderson.'" Ha!

Everyone's bestie Evan Lysacek may have been saddest of all, explaining his instant connection to the Baywatch beauty. "I got to know Pam after being a fan of many years, in Vancouver," Evan mused. "She invited me to an event and were instantly best friends. And getting to know her more and more throughout the show, I'm just constantly impressed with the incredible personality that she has. She's caring, she's genuine, she's honest, she's nurturing and she's so much fun. She's made us all smile through this whole process and it won't be the same without her."

Who can possibly argue with compliments like that?

As for Pam, don't count her out just yet. "I loved this. I loved being able to make characters every week, it was like a little play. What am I gonna do now?" she said with a laugh. And after promising to keep dancing "all over [her] kitchen," she reassured all of her sad-sack DWTS castmembers. "I'll still see them. We're still going to have parties every Monday night. We have a lot of fun!"


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