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It's going to be OK.

Despite what you've just seen on tonight's Lost, I can tell you, it is going to be OK.

How do I know this? And what comes next? Get in here only if you watched tonight's episode of Lost, because this is one that absolutely should not be spoiled...

Major Spoiler Alert:

Screw Leo and Kate. That has to go down as the most heart-wrenching ship-flooding scene of all time.


(Sorry, still bawling my eyes out here.)

As you know, because you already watched Lost tonight, Jin and Sun died tonight in what just might be the most tragic death scene of Lost's entire six seasons. (Kudos to Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim for such a gripping performance.)  As I hinted two weeks ago, Jin's vow to Sun that he would never leave her again certainly was the truth--the soul-guttingly tragic truth. 

Let it be known that when Hurley loses it, the world loses it. And I'm pretty sure my next-door neighbors thought a hyena was giving birth in Casa Dos Santos. (Funny enough, my neighbors a few doors down are the Lindelofs, and I'm seriously considering running over there to ask for a cup of sugar--and my freaking dignity back. And some answers.)

In the meantime, let's digest.


Sun, Jin and Sayid Are Dead on the Island. But...

Sun, Jin and Sayid Are Still Alive in the Sideways World. In case you were reaching for another Kleenex during the final hospital scene in tonight's episode, you should know that Jin did indeed walk by in the background as Jack was talking to Locke. So we can safely assume that although the recently reunited Kwons are no more in the Island world, they can still exist in the Sideways. Here's hoping that's where they end up in the series finale--along with, oh, pretty much everyone else on this show.

We Will See Sun and Jin Again. I have it on good authority that we will see them both in the series finale. Where, when and how? You got me, brother.

Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim


Sayid Is Redeemed. He took one for the team and blew himself up to save the lives of the candidates, effectively keeping Fake Locke (evil incarnate) on the Island for the time being. Does this mean Claire can be redeemed too? Will this help Sayid's karma in the Sideways world?

Locke Is a Liar. Damn that Terry O'Quinn and his charming persuasion! Though we knew from episode one of this season that Fake Locke was wholly evil, it almost seemed at times that he might be telling the truth and maybe, like Ben Linus, he wasn't so bad after all. Those hopes were squashed tonight when Jack (hooray!) was finally 100 percent right in a crisis sitch, and correctly predicted that (a) Fake Locke can't kill the candidates (despite him telling Jack otherwise) and (b) Fake Locke conjured up a way to get the candidates to kill themselves. (Flocke didn't pull the wire that made the bomb go off in the submarine. Sawyer did.) We now know the Man in Black needs all the candidates dead in order to get off the Island. By my count, only two candidates remain: Jack and Hurley. Oh, and Sawyer. But can a guy who (whoopsie) accidentally offed three other candidates still be a contender?

Locke Is a "Candidate" in the Sideways World. What a fascinating alternate storyline for John Locke, that he ended up with the same fate (wheelchair) through different means (a plane crash that was his fault) and did not want to regain the ability to walk. Why isn't Locke's father, Anthony Cooper, evil in the Sideways world? Might it have something to do with the Island, the "cork" that harnesses all evil, being buried under water? One theory: Now that we see John Locke is in need of serious redemption, he ends up getting back to the Island somehow to fulfill his real destiny as...the new Jacob?

Romance Caged? We saw the first real sign tonight that Kate may still have strong feelings for Jack, as she sobbed to him on the beach after the sub exploded: "I couldn't find you. I couldn't find you." Does this mean Jack and Kate could end up together? Maybe so, maybe not. Either way it's notable, as the Jack-Kate-Sawyer love triangle has been so very far on the back burner this season...especially since tonight the writers also put Kate and Sawyer back in that cage with, sadly, no feral disrobing this time around. Thoughts?

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Next Week Is Unlike Anything You've Seen on Lost Before. Swear. And though we've all been told that none of the series regulars appear, that is actually not true. Spoiler Alert: You will see three of the main leads in a very surprising throwback moment that lets you know that the producers totally knew what they were doing as of season one. (Boo-ya!)  Allison Janney guest stars, along with two other actors you know, and a few others you don't. You'll learn much much more about the history of the Island and the evil, and light, within. Pay close attention to every line Allison's character says and every line (or lack thereof) on her face. Oh, and DVR it. 'Cause you'll need to watch it twice.

Now pardon me while I bring my measuring cup down the street.

And try DDK via coconut-shell batphone.

Check back later for more scoop.

In the meantime, how about some group therapy in the comments section below? We all agree Jin and Sun can still be alive in the very end, right? Right?! Maybe I should be asking my neighbor for a paper bag to breathe into. Really, it's the least he could do.


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