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What have you guys done to deserve so many Blind Vice's in the past week and a half? Or better yet, why have so many dudes been extra skanky, as of late?

Meet Chet Chick-Muncher. You'd think this star would have been a Vicer already since his ridiculous antics have been going on for decades, but his dirty laundry is usually so publicly aired there's never been a need before.

Until now, thanks to a certain electronic misstep...

Chet has definitely had his share of substance-abuse problems, and it seems one of his effed-up escapades is coming back to haunt him—big-time.

Obviously, we mean a sex tape. Who the hell doesn't have one lying around these days?

Only problem is, not only is Chick-Muncher attached and most definitely straight-ish, this tape isn't with his honey—or a girl.

Seems CC-M, who enjoys his female skank-up a lot, has been caught on-camera, not with a hooker, but totally blowing some random dude. Yes, that's how obscenely obliterated the Munch was when this went down—pun intended.

And one of the parties from this par-tick sexfest is shopping this bad-boy tape around, and Chet is convinced it's about to come out.

Hence, Chick-Muncher's attempt to fade back into the background. He's actually trying to become less of a public figure these days, professionally speaking, even though it may not look that way at all. That way, if the footage does come out in the near future, it won't sell for as much or have as much of an impact on his reputation (which is not exactly great right now).

And yes, Chet's lady is aware of what's going on. Wonder if she'll be the one to let the haunting tape spill to the press? It certainly would give her ammo for what's sure to be a massively uncomfortable split.

And it ain't…

Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Jesse James


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