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It's not exactly breaking news that the adorable Jonathan Groff is a fantastic addition to Glee's second half of the season. Ever since he peeped over that music sheet, we were his. But we can't help but feel like something…isn't….right with his character, Jesse St. James.

"He's certainly up to something, that's for sure," Jonathan tells us mysteriously. Is Jesse really a spy for rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline, or is he sniffing around the New Directions for some other reason? Here's what we know...

"My reasons for being at the high school are surprising. I was surprised," Jon tells us when asked what's ahead. "He has some surprises up his sleeves, none that I can reveal right now." So, the word of the day is surprise. Got that, kids? There will be a quiz later. As for the essay portion of this test, what are some potentially surprising turns of events for Jesse?

How about a differential diagnosis, à la House? We know Jesse beelined for Rachel (Lea Michele) from the get-go. We know the director of Vocal Adrenaline, Shelby Corcoran (Idina Menzel), is in on whatever's happening between Jesse and Rachel. And we have been speculating that Shelby is in fact Rachel's mother. So…perhaps Jesse is part of the ploy to bring Shelby closer to her daughter? Gasp, could it be?! Well, one thing's for sure: Jonathan Groff has brought more dreaminess and choir comedy to an already stellar ensemble. And, big shocker here, he was welcomed with open arms by the cast.

"The great thing about Glee, truly and honestly, is that everyone in the cast is incredibly grounded, incredibly humble, incredibly hardworking and really nice and open," Jon gushes. "They're very, very welcoming. Arms wide open, accepting and embracing." With that face and head of hair, we can't say we're at all surprised (word of the day!) that the cast was so eager to have him on board. Although it hasn't been all sunshine onset.

"It's grueling. It was a crazy dance number," he says when talking about his final day of filming. "I have a cut on my arm from some gal's heel. Some guy got a concussion, a girl twisted her ankle, and one girl broke her finger and had a cast on for the whole number." Holy hell, what kind of circus is Ryan Murphy running over there? "It's crazy, it's intense, it's Glee," reasons Jonathan.

Speaking of things that are both crazy and awesome: Britney Spears. Her team has been campaigning for a tribute episode to the pop princess, and the cast is totally on board. Jon admits he "loves" the singer and even suggested the Glee gang remake this B.Spears staple. Um, that needs to happen. We can already see Brittany and Santana in schoolgirl outfits and pigtails, thus making dreams come true for every man who watches the show (both voluntarily or by girlfriend's request).

Well, Jonathan has made our Glee dreams come true. We only wish Jesse wasn't a senior so he could come back for more next season. Can't he flunk biology or something and have to stay another year? No? Then we will mourn his graduation. Until then, we will make sure #TheGroff trends on Twitter. Plus, you can do your part by making the most of this marvelous man every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. on Fox.


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