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David Boreanaz: cheating jerk or brave defender of the institution of marriage?

His mother-in-law, for one, is firmly of the latter opinion, telling E! News she thinks it took guts for the Bones star to admit his infidelity, and despite the problems he and her daughter have to work out, they will stay together.

"My daughter's very strong," says Sue Scallion, Jaime Bergman's mother. "Jaime told me one day, 'Divorce just isn't an option.' She can get the big picture. They are going to make this work and keep the family together and raise the children.

"They're a great family."

"Jamie can see what would happen to the children and the family if they let something like this get a hold of them. They're not going to give in to it," adds Scallion.

Scallion, who lives in Utah, says her daughter was aware of Boreanaz's cheating before the media found out.

"David told her finally," says Scallion. "David admitted that he got caught up in this other person. Jaime and David, they've got a lot of work to do. But they love each other."

And Scallion says Jaime will be right by Boreanaz's side as he fights against his mystery mistress and her supposed blackmail attempt backed by attorney Gloria Allred. (Allred tells E! News the woman will make a public statement in the coming weeks.)

"They are appalled by these women," says Scallion. "I think they want to take a stand against this and say, 'You don't have the right to do this.' In my opinion, I think there should be some recourse for them to be able to get back at these people."

Scallion says she doesn't think it's right that mistresses who break up families are making money off celebrities, and she is glad that her son-in-law isn't going to let that happen.

"These women are making a living off the misery of these families," says Scallion. "They're like serial killers, killing families. It's not just the spouse that gets involved with another person, the impact goes through the whole family and there's just devastation. For them to have no recourse but to pay these large sums of money just because they have it is ridiculous."

Scallion says that Boreanaz and Bergman are in counseling and also preparing to relocate.

"They're getting ready to move into a new home," says Scallion. "My husband and I are going to go to Los Angeles and help them move into their new house. They confide in us and they lean on us for support."

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His mother-in-law doesn't think David's a douche, but we do!

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