Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice

Bravo Photo: Virginia Sherwood

Teresa Giudice will forever be known as the table-flipper from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Who could ever forget Giudice overturning that restaurant table during season one when she and her Jersey costars get into an argument with the show's vilified outsider, Danielle Staub?

Will there be more overturned furniture in season two, which premieres tonight on Bravo? We'll let Giudice explain…

"I wouldn't necessarily say table-flipping," Giudice says. "But you know, I am feisty again."

And by that she means calling Danielle a bitch—to her face! "I can't help it," Giudice explains. "When my buttons are pushed, I push back, you know?"

Giudice even thinks Staub may instigate some of the drama...on purpose. "She wants you to smack her," she says. "She likes to push buttons because she wants you to smack her so she can sue you. She's sue-happy, you know?"

No surprise, but Staub will not be at Housewives matriarch Caroline Manzo's big premiere party tonight at her family's catering business, the Brownstone. Instead, she'll be holding court at Barracuda, a gay bar in New York City.

In non-Danielle news (believe it or not, she's not the only storyline on the show), you'll see Giudice give birth to her fourth daughter this season. You won't see the actual delivery, but you'll hear her screaming from behind closed hospital doors. "They never took the microphone off of me," she says. "I did get an epidural, but it didn't change anything.

"I was in tremendous pain. That scream was from tremendous pain. I should have told them to take [the microphone] off, but you know what? I think a lot of women are going to be able to relate to that."

More so than table-flippin'.

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