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Alexis Neiers is used to cameras following her around, but this may be a bit more attention than she bargained for.

The star of E!'s Pretty Wild turned up today in a Los Angeles courtroom, where a judge denied her attorney's motion to suppress statements from next week's trial that Neiers made to police during her arrest last fall.

The apparently chatty reality TV personality is facing one count of felony burglary for allegedly breaking into actor Orlando Bloom's home.

Her legal team claimed in their petition that police denied Neiers her Miranda rights because she had told the interviewing officer that she she wanted to talk to her lawyer. While Neiers never asked to halt the interrogation until an attorney was present, they argued she implied she wanted an attorney present by asking to contact her lawyer.
However, in a key bit of evidence that ended up working against them, the judge cited a moment during the interview when the detective asked her if she wanted to take a break from questioning, Neiers answered, "No, I'd rather finish up and call my lawyer."
"It's clear the defendant was Mirandized," Judge Leslie A. Swain said in rejecting Neiers' lawyers' request. "Of course she was naïve, but was she intimidated? Absolutely not." 

The questioning took place on Oct. 22 at Neiers' home, where she was read her Miranda rights and placed in custody. She was then interrogated at a nearby police station—where she was read to and agreed to her rights once again. Her lawyer, Jeff Rubenstein, was not by her side.

As a result, anything the 18-year-old said at the time can—and most likely—now will be used against her in a court of law as part of authorities' successful bust up of a burglary ring that allegedly targeted several young Hollywood stars, among them Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Patridge, Paris Hilton and Rachel Bilson.

Perhaps the knowledge she faces up to a year in the slammer if she's found guilty is getting to her, because Neiers was seen crying at the elevator and hugging her mother immediately after today's hearing.

Alexis could catch a break, however. The district attorney is reportedly seeking either three years' probation with a one-year jail term or four years' probation with a one-year suspended sentence and six months of jail time. The maximum sentence for felony burglary is six years in prison.

In any case, she won't be going anywhere. After learning from the D.A. that Neiers went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for a Pretty Wild shoot against the advice of her lawyer, the judge forbade her from leaving the country again.

Neiers trial is scheduled to kick off May 10.

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