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What's that you say? You want some serious drama when Real Housewives of New Jersey returns to Bravo tonight? Well, if Jacqueline Laurita threatening to leave unless producers boot her costar Danielle Staub isn't bonkers enough, we just caught up with some of our favorite table-flipping mavens, and here's what they spill on season two:

"Hilarious!" Jacqueline says, when asked for one word to describe the new episodes.

"Get ready, here we come! It's gonna be something," Caroline Manzo promises. OK, that's more than one word, but we can attest to that after seeing tonight's premiere. It's not as nutty as you might expect, but it will definitely get there as the season progresses. "What's really great is the dynamic we bring is truly ourselves," Caroline tells us. "We're so relatable on so many different levels to so many different people. It makes [people] feel good if they've got a problem in their own life. It's like, I'm not as crazy as they are, so I'm OK! They feel like they're one of us."

Since there are 16 episodes this season, instead of last year's six, we'll really get to see what their lives are like this time around. "You'll see a lot more family time," new mom Teresa promises. "I'm actually a housewife, I actually cook."

Fellow new mama Jacqueline agrees: "We agreed before we started the show that we were going to be real. If we're not putting it all out there, we're not doing it." And if we don't like it? Who cares, she says. "People are gonna judge you anyway--it's just a bigger scale of people judging you. As long as you have those important people in your life, that foundation, that rock, you're good."

So why should we end any and all comparisons to that other, even more outrageous Jersey hit over on MTV? It's pretty simple, actually. "It's cool seeing Jersey, but I'm not a fan of Jersey Shore," Teresa tells us with a laugh. And when Jacqueline explains that it's just the way kids are sometimes, T interjects: "My daughters don't do that!"

"It's apples and oranges," says the always wise Caroline. "If you look at the big picture, what does it mean? It means that New Jersey's a dynamic [group of] people," she continues, before concluding her thoughts with one last zinger: "Plus, they're not from New Jersey! Only one is." So, boo-yah, Jersey Shore. And for what it's worth, we were always Team Housewives.

Tune into the Real Housewives of New Jersey premiere tonight at 10 on Bravo.


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