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My folks saw Heidi Klum and Seal and their kids out in Aspen, with an army of nannies! Just how many nannies does a kid need?
—Jen, Fort Bend, Indiana, via the Answer B!tch inbox

Apparently you think that famous children are somehow just children. Your mistake.

The child of a celebrity is the most important personal project the star will ever produce, which is why they get, among other things, superspecial names like Pilot Inspektor or Moxie Crimefighter or Peaches.

Plus, one mere person cannot possibly attend to a celebrity child's needs. So how many nannies does the average star use? And just how deep do Heidi Klum and Seal roll?

You will not believe it:

According to photographers who were on the ground with the family a few weeks ago, the Klum-Seal clan tends to roll very deep. Sometimes the couple will go out on their own, particularly Seal, who has on occasion been seen with just a kid or two.

On this particular occasion, so close to the holidays, Klum's mother and father—Günther and Erna—were visiting Aspen with the famous couple and at least three of their four kids, Leni (by Klum's previous relationship with Flavio Briatore), Henry, Johan and Lou.

There was also at least one bodyguard—a photographer tells me that the Klum-Seal clan sometimes travels with two—and one nanny. Also a couple of ski instructors were around when the family hit the Aspen slopes, but whether those folks joined the family for dinner later, I can't say.

(In the photo above, you've got, from left to right: a ski instructor in the red jacket, holding the hand of one of the couple's sons; a person believed to be a nanny; a tall guy in sunglasses believed to be a bodyguard; Heidi, Seal, daughter Leni, mother Erna and father Günther. The newest arrival baby is believed to be in the stroller.)

Could there have been even more hired help at the restaurant? Possibly.

"Photographers don't think that any other family members were in town, so beyond Klum's parents, there would only be the family's personal entourage of nannies and security out with them," a person in the know tells me.

So if your family saw more people in the restaurant than the people listed above, they were probably, yes, an army of hired help.

That may sound like a whole lot of minions, but get this:

It's not unusual for even minor stars to have at least two to three nannies per child: one for day, one for night, one for weekends and travel. (For more info on how stars may or may not raise their own children, I invite you to check out my book, which kind of blows apart all the secrets of celebrity living. And yes, I did just use the might of E! Online to plug my book. It's their holiday gift to me. Shut it.)

Finally, a personal note to all my wicked Answer B!tch fan children: Happy New Year. Be good, you little gossip-hungry devils. And treat your nannies with respect.


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