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Behold—our final round of the Ho, Ho, Ho Awards! So we'll leave you with a not-so-hot-mess edition.

Twitter is a totally harmless way to keep in touch; at least until these particular skanktastic trainwrecks signed on and let the world into their totally terrible, drama-loving lives:

Terrible Tweeting Ho: Lindsay Lohan vs. Courtney Love

Lindsay Lohan LiLo posed practically naked in just about every photo shoot she did this year. But even when she put clothes on, no one liked that much, either. When she wasn't showing up to court, Linds spent most of her year screaming incoherent tweets at her honey Samantha Ronson...or waiting outside Sam's house in the middle of the night, a desperate, clinging, sobbing mess. If hos can be sad creatures, Lohan's pretty much it.

Courtney Love: If anyone can match Lindsay's nonsensical online antics, it's Courtney. Besides proclaiming that Jamie Spears molested Britney with no factual evidence, Court took to her many blogs to defame fashion lines and get into fights with teenagers. What is she even more terrible at than tweeting? Apparently motherhood, since she just lost custody of her and Kurt's only offspring, Frances Bean. Love needs to stop slinking around the Web already and wake the ef up; this batty-ditz schtick got old a long time ago.

Ho Ho Ho Awards: Round 10!
Who was the bigger ho in 2009?
Thanks for playing our last round!
Check back tomorrow for the Awful results...


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