Lost, Zuleikha Robinson


In case you haven't figured it out yet from our 12 Days of Lost-mas so far, the final season of Lost is shaping up to be fan-freaking-tastic.

According to my spies, there will be at least a few answers very early on to the questions we fans have been asking. And one such Q involves the woman you see above—Ilana (Zuleikha Robinson), who was promoted to series regular this year—and those other Others who crashed on the island from Ajira Flight 316...

Who are they? Why are they on the island? And what is their mission?

Here's what I can tell you...

One of the following things is true regarding Ilana and her Ajira posse:

  1. They were sent by Charles Widmore to kill Ben.
  2. They were sent by the Man in Black (Jacob's nemesis) to find the island's time travel mechanism and destroy it.
  3. They were sent to protect Jacob.
  4. They were sent to revive John Locke.
  5. They were sent to kill Gilligan.


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