Lost, Michael Emerson, Terry O'Quinn


We already know John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) is dead—and we are über-pissed at Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) for doing the deed—but could another Lostie be joining Locke very soon in the myserious island show's ever-growing body count?

When Lost returns Feb. 2 to ABC, there are more than a few stomach-churning surprises in store, and our latest dish (as part of the 12 Days of Lost-mas) involves the life-or-death fates of two Losties we love.

Word of warning: This is the final season. So anyone can be killed off.

Read on for the dish...

According to my spies, the following statements are both true:

  1. One Lostie we've known for a long time (a dark, handsome and mysterious someone) will die within the first four hours in the first shocking death of the year.
  2. Another Lostie we've known and loved since day one of season one will come thisclose to dying—at his own hands—but the good doctor (Matthew Fox's Jack Shephard) will save him.

Who will die? Who will nearly take his own life?

Guesses in the comments below, please...along with your wishes for who should be killed off (if there's anyone you'd like to see go), and which favorites should make it to the very end!

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