Nadya Suleman, Lil Wayne

Eric Brogmus/, John Shearer/Getty Images

We're halfway through our year-end skank awards, and still have loads of celebs to get through.

One of the consequences of being a ho, ho, ho is getting somebody (or somebodies) knocked up, up, up. Then again, when science gets involved, you don't need to drop trou to repopulate the world all by yourself:

Child Bearing Ho: Lil Wayne vs. Octomom

Lil Wayne: His third—and fourth—child were born this year, both from different mothers. Perfect timing, since the wild-mannered rapper's off to jail for a year on a gun charge. Way to set a good example to all your kids, Weezy.

Octomom: Nadya Suleman barely does anything besides whore herself out to the public—providing interviews and specials about her army of kids whenever anyone comes calling, along with filming a reality show about her finding a man. Hope he's into kids, cause somebody's gotta take care of them.

Ho Ho Ho Awards: Round 5!
Who was the bigger ho in 2009?
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