Madonna, Kate Hudson

James Devaney/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Merry Christmas Eve, folks! Behold, Round 2 of our Ho Ho Ho Awards. Team Awful needs your help in recognizing those celebs most definitely on Santa's naughty list today.

Blondes sure do have more fun, but these two particular flaxen-haired honeys went overboard with their manhunting in 2009, especially when both were caught slinking around the same baseball diamond:

A-Rod Ho: Kate Hudson vs. Madonna

Kate Hudson: Owen, Dax, Owen again, Lance, then a weirdo romance with A-Rod. We can barely keep track of all of Kate's men. But who's keeping tabs on Kate's tiny tot while she was out gallivanting at baseball games, desperately hooting and hollering like a cheerleader past her prime? (In fact, who the hell's paying attention to her career? She surely isn't.)

Madonna: Although Madge may be just as guilty as sinking her teeth into married meathead A-Rod, at least she's got a better excuse: Finally being free from stiff Brit Guy Ritchie after 10 years surely would make a girl crave some much needed passion with a hunky muscle dude (following it up with robbing the amniotic sac with super young boy toy Jesus Luz).

Ho Ho Ho Awards: Round 2
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