Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse started 2009 off with an assault charge and might as well end it with one too, right? It's not like she's about to grow and learn from her mistakes or anything. Too much work. She did have time to get a boob job somewhere in the middle there, so there's that!

But back to Wino's current dramz. The 26-year-old singer has been arrested and charged with with a public order offense and common assault after turning herself into Thames Valley Police.

The charges stem from an altercation that happened at the Milton Keynes Theater over the weekend. Police aren't giving any details of the incident, but the British tabs say she was a mess during a production of Cinderella—heckling, throwing F-bombs around, bleeding on the actors. At one point, the theater manager tried to usher her back to her seat but she was all, "No, no, no" (sorry!) and kneed him in the groin.

She is free on bail and must appear in court on Jan. 20. What a great way to start of the year!


It's too bad Wino couldn't do something good for the holidays like the celebrities in our Santa's Helpers gallery.

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