Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson

Dear Ted:
Love you! But on to my comment: Why can't people just let Robsten do their thing? I know that I'm just playing in to the craziness by writing in, but if going out with friends and being in a relationship are mutually exclusive then god help us all. They don't have to be attached at the hip to be happy. I'd love to so closely scrutinize some of your reader's relationships and see how they fare.

Dear Space Issues:
Agreed. Seems like Rob and Kristen know that, too—why do you think they've been able to do their thing for so long? It's so not pressure filled like a lot of people make it out to be. I'm even jealous of their chill relaysh!

Dear Ted:
According to the police report, "foul play is not suspected" in the death of Brittany Murphy. I think that depends on one's definition! They apparently found nearly a dozen prescription drugs in her nightstand. Amazing that after the death of Michael Jackson at the hands of his enablers (more than one) wouldn't you think people around her would have gotten a clue? Are people in Hollywood not capable of getting 2 + 2? Thanks for your strong stand against this insanity. Does Morgan Mayhem read your column?

Dear Add it Up:
Darling, Hollywood is a spiral of debauchery. The stuff that goes on in this town doesn't even shock me anymore. I don't know when over the counter drugs started to make a big appearance in this town, but they show no signs of going anywhere. It's so easy to get a bottle of whatever you want, it's crazy. In order to put a stop to this it needs to reach higher powers than this blolum, darling. And not sure if MM is an avid reader, sure she comes across it. Whenever she's not pilled out and can read, that is.

Dear Ted:
Love the blog, check for my Robsten updates all of the time. Just getting into the BV stuff though. My guess for Nelly Fang is Jamie Campbell Bower. He's got that bad boy appeal going and I don't get the feeling that he and his "girlfriend" are much more than "friends." They just don't have that spark like my favorite vampire couple.

Dear Strike Out:
So sorry darling, Jamie is a way-off guess.

Dear Ted:
Why are people so intent on making it seem as though something bad is going on between Robsten? They assume that because they haven't been seen together in awhile, despite their Venice beach date, that they have broken up and moved on. I know that they are still together, and no news is good news, right?

Dear Drives Me Crazy:
Kristen has only been papped once in the last month and Rob a couple times, but they are still alive and kickin'.

Dear Ted:
Why is it that every time a celebrity dies, people start assuming it must be drugs or something awful? I understand that some things might be sketchy, but why does everyone have to obsess over it until everything is confirmed? Life as a celebrity is hard enough, but these people are dead. Can't everyone just let them have some peace in their afterlife, since they never did during their life? I for one do not want my last memories of my favorite celebs to be of them being a possible drug addict. I find it upsetting that as a 16-year-old, I have more respect for the dead than most adults.
Music like love

Dear Well-Spoken:
I completely agree with you about the respect part. It's always tricky to find that line of reporting and respecting. Thing is, when a certain celeb dies of avoidable causes (say drug dependency) it's important to raise awareness about those issues. More people deal with drug problems than just celebs. Maybe people young like yourself can learn from some of their mistakes so when you're 30-something you won't find yourself in the same situation.

Dear Ted:
I'm beginning to hate when celebrities show concern when someone dies, but was passive when they were alive. If you really care about someone, you would knock down doors to make it happen, not wait when it's too late.

Dear Touché:
Very true. But I know I've lost touch with people throughout the years for various reasons and will still have a strong reaction when they too pass away.

Dear Ted:
Has anyone guessed the identity of Nevis Divine yet? My guess is Sam Worthington. And how's Lloyd Boy-Toyed doing lately? Is his propositioned journalist still on his radar? Merry Christmas!

Dear Guessing Game:
Of course, out of all of you readers you think no one has correctly guessed Nevis' identity? Duh some of you have! I just won't necessarily print it—or respond. As for Lloyd, no updates on said journo. Think Boy-Toyed is preoccupied right now with himself.

Dear Ted:
Has Nelly Fang ever been lost?

Dear GPS Loser:
I don't know anyone who hasn't? Let's just hope it's not when he runs off the trails.

Dear Ted:
I was so sad to hear about Brittany Murphy's death. As some people have eluded to, it seemed she had her problems. Is it possible she was Emma Uh-Oh?

Dear Super Close:
But Brittany is not Emma. They look similar though.

Dear Ted:
Now that Kevin Jonas is married and presumably deflowered, can you tell us if he is the only non-pure Jonas at this point in time?

Dear Honeymoon Snoop:
I hope you're not referring to the bonus sicko!

Dear Ted:
Did you see that one of your posts from December 3, 2008 made Britney Spears' list of 75 most ridiculous rumors that have been reported about her in the past year. The post was called Britney and Madonna Back on the Road Together? It made her list at number 49. What do you have to say about this? By the way I love the entire A.T team.

Dear Called Out:
I'm flattered! Really though, just because it didn't end up coming together is why the Madonna appearance didn't happen. Never meant it wasn't in the works. I'm surprised that's the one Brit picked out from AT to try and refute. Guess she's OK with all of our other reports then?

Dear Ted:
I have a huge crush on Michael C. Hall. I really wish he wasn't married. Any hints as to what his Blind Vice is? Pretty please?

Dear Det. Dex:
His Vice was pre-wedding. Doesn't mean he couldn't be featured again, though!

Dear Ted:
Seriously people are crazy over R.Pattz and saying that it's wrong for him to hang out with friends without his "unconfirmed" girlfriend, K.Stew. What is wrong with a couple spending time with their friends separately? I don't see anything wrong with that and I think people are getting a little too obsessed with it. Have you see this type of treatment with other celebrities in the past? I can't think of anyone that has received so much buzz about who he is dating and so much hate toward the girl in question, even though we all know that Robsten is real!

Dear Rational:
You seem to be thinking clearly...are you writing into the right blolum? No, I haven't seen this kinda couple speculation like there has been with Robsten. Not even Brangelina.

Dear Ted:
You really are a nice guy with a conscience. You refuse to reveal blind vices (you want them to "out" themselves). You feel remorseful when you inadvertently tarnish a celeb's reputation (a/k/a Nikki Reed). You even rally behind the many animal causes your readers bring to your attention. I can't say it doesn't drive me crazy not to know all your secrets, but, Merry Christmas anyway.

Dear Fun Gal:
Merry Christmas to you, too, doll! Think that means I won't get coal this year?

Dear Ted:
I saw George Clooney out in LA last week and he was so skinny! Doesn't he eat or is he too busy with his current amour Elisabetta that he forgets to?
Skinny Minnie

Dear Shrinking George:
He's looked pretty delicious when I last saw him. New role maybe? 'Tho he's hardly a Christian Bale.

Dear Ted:
Kellan Lutz
, Brad Pitt and Ryan Kwanten are the buffest men of their respective vampire franchises. Am I onto something in my search for Nelly Fang's identity?

Dear Hunting Nelly:
If it's that Nelly's got a body on him...then yes!


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