Brittany Murphy, Sharon Murphy

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"She left everything to her mother."

—A source once close with the late Brittany Murphy, further confirming TMZ's report that Brittany's husband Simon Monjack was not included in her will.

Murphy supposedly drafted her will before meeting Simon, but there has been no indication Brittany amended it post-marriage.

Her grieving friends are hardly surprised, either...

"Brittany's mother was very involved in her life," dishes our insider. "She really pushed Brittany into the entertainment industry."

Friends of Murphy's often say the two were a mother-daughter package deal. Brittany's mom, Sharon Murphy, lived with her daughter for years, even with husband Simon in their Hollywood home. Um, anyone else think that's a little bit weird? And personal boundaries weren't the only blurry lines crossed between Brittany and her mother.

"[Sharon] seemed to cause problems for Brittany, professionally," says our source, quite cautiously. "I remember hearing stories that [Sharon] was a nutcase, getting banned from sets, and was even part of the reason Brittany and Ashton broke up."

It seems many relationships were strained by Britt's mom, but when you're raised in that kind of environment, it's just what you're used to. That's why no one is surprised that Murphy would leave everything to Sharon since she's always been the one who was "there" for Brittany.

"I bet changing her will didn't even cross [Brittany's] mind," says the friend. "Sharon was the closest person in Brittany's life, and her mom made sure it was always that way. It seemed like they both relied on each other."

Either way, this is all just very sad.

Think Murphy's tragic death will be a wakeup call to Hollywood, its stage moms and celebrity doctors? Let's hope so because we're getting sick of reporting such sad and possibly avoidable stories.


Drama aside, let's Remember Brittany Murphy, 1977-2009

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