Lost: Terry O'Quinn

ABC / Mario Perez

Ho-ho-hoooo...no he di'int!

Let it be known that the most holy crap, jaw-dropping moment of Lost's upcoming two-hour season premiere (in my humble but always right opinion) is served up by none other than Mr. Terry O'Quinn.

Remember, when we last saw John Locke he appeared to be in two places: (1) very dead on the beach and (2) inside Jacob's lair convincing Ben to kill Jacob. (So not cool!)

So what's the big moment that's so stunning it will make you scream out loud?

Our 12 Days of Lost-mas continues with one spoiler that is true (nice!) and one spoiler that is false (naughty!) regarding the almighty O'Quinn, and his shocking twist.

One of these is true, the other is false:

  • We find out John Locke is related to C*****s *id**re and J*** ***ph*** in a way you would never ever expect—yes, "related" as in by blood!
  • Terry O'Quinn does something bat-poop insane involving a character we have known since the very first episode of Lost's first season, then says: "I'm sorry you had to see me like that."

Which one is right?

Guesses? Theories? Post below, and have your adult diapers standing by for this one, Lost fans!


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