Kendra Wilkinson

Sam Sharma/

If you watched Kendra last night, you know the E! star gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

And if you follow the 24-year-old beauty on Twitter, you know Hank Baskett IV almost gave his mommy a little wet surprise on Saturday.

"Just wanted to say hi everyone..up all night with the lil man again but i enjoy every min of it. He almost peed in my face today lolol," Kendra Wilkinson tweeted that night, one in a series of updates that have been flowing forth from her microblog over the last few days.

Butw while her first concern is obviously Hank IV—her "lil angel" and her "little beast," she calls him—the new mom has also been celebrating the return of one of her most cherished companions.

"Man it feels great reuniting with my best friend that i havent seen in 9 months...her name is COFFEE!!!!!! lolol," she announced Sunday morning, continuing, "my coffee of choice is dunkin donuts coffee n i drink it BLACK...we r all sittin here watchin football n relaxin ahhhhh."

She also defended her choice of morning beverage to at least one concerned tweeter, writing, "i dont think ONE cup of coffee is goin to harm my breastmilk..go back to 1918 if u think that about formula..lolol."

But the most important news imparted in this quick 'n' easy way was Kendra's tweet today about Hank IV's trip to the doctor.

"Just got back from pediatrician n hes 100% im 100% happy," she tweeted this morning.

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