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Dear Ted:
Was the adorable Brittany Murphy ever a Blind Vice? With all of the stars who have passed away this year, will you be posting a Blind Vice "In Memoriam"?

Dear Mystery Murph:
Yes, she was. It's sad to look back on which one she was, too ('tho nothing exactly good comes out of being a BV). Shockingly, despite all the celeb deaths, not many of them were Vicers.

Dear Ted:
It was very nice of you to find out that Kristen and Rob had a date night last week. However, I have to tell you, I don't care about their date night. I care that after the date night he was out with other girls at a bar and then at a hotel without Kristen after he dumped her off. So don't try and blow smoke up everyone's ass. He doesn't respect her. He makes her look like a fool. And I am sorry that this sounds so horrible, but I don't want Kristen to look stupid and I especially don't want her to get hurt. Why? I cannot for the life of me figure it out. Why does this young girl bring out the mama bear in me?

Dear Team Stewart:
Kristen's a smart girl. And Rob's a good guy. They both know what they have going on, it's not really for us to decide what's right or not. As long as they're good with it, I'm happy. And from what I hear...they're good with it.

Dear Ted:
Love the Awful Truth and find myself checking in everyday! I just wondered if you think Miley Cyrus will end up as the next Lindsay Lohan, she sure has the potential.
Lots of love from Norway

Dear Tough to Say:
I don't think anyone saw LL ending up the way she did either.

Dear Ted:
What do you make of the story in one of the tabloids about Angelina Jolie's depression because Brad moved out. You always made her out to be the one in control but this story sounds like she's falling apart. We know that Hollywood relationships never last forever but is this one really on the rocks or is Brad still in lurve?

Dear Sorry:
Angie's still in control. Always has been, always will be.

Dear Ted:
Perhaps Morgan Mayhem was Brittany Murphy, but if not, I hope MM gets the help needed before another is lost. Is it too late?

Dear Close:
But MM was not Brittany's vice. I'm hoping Morgan is paying attention though, because she could be on the same tragic track Murphy was.

Dear Ted:
I simply adore you and your column. It keeps me going through the long work day. I just get home, make dinner, and then eat it while reading The Awful Truth. So thank you! Now, although I'm a Twilight supporter, I'm not an extremist so it is with some trepidation that I pose this question... What did you mean by the response that you didn't want to get sued in regard to Rob Pattinson sleeping with his agent? You had previously written that they are in no way involved. So how could you get into trouble for a question that basically requests you reiterate your earlier response to the Pattinson-Stephanie Ritz coupling? Is there something to this? Please clarify!

Dear Misread Again:
The sued part was for a different part of the question darling. Ritz isn't getting paid overtime if you know what I mean.

Dear Ted:
I'm so glad you talked about Remember Me. I think it looks like a great film and Rob and Emilie have chemistry. Hope this movie turns out great and I definitely think Rob will get amazing reviews. He has potential.

Dear Remember Rob:
I think all of Hollywood is waiting to see what Rob can do beside look sexually-frustrated (in a hot way of course). Glad the buzz is good!

Dear Ted:
So Michael C. Hall has secrets? Okay not too surprising, but I'm so curious to know what they are! Maybe we will see a Blind Vice in the future? Pretty please, Ted?

Dear Backwards:
Future? Hon-pie, he's already been one.

Dear Ted:
I'm not saying you made up that they went out to dinner but, if you are trying to cover for Rob (and I'm not really into the whole conspiracy theory thing people on your board are into) why don't you just be the first person to admit that they are not together anymore? That will get hits, too, right? I dunno...I can't tell if they are or not, but obviously a lot of stuff with them does not add up. It makes no sense. I hope you have a great Christmas!!
Mary Lou

Dear Sick of Sense:
It may not make sense to us, but they seem perfectly happy with what they have going on. Sorry babe, have heard nothing of the sort that Rob and Kristen had some big bust up or I'd tell ya. R & K seem happy, why can't we let 'em be?

Dear Ted:
In a couple of days its Christmas. Are you going to be revealing any blind vices or dropping massive, obvious clues?

Dear Attention to Details:
Wasn't this a good enough present?

Dear Ted:
Any hints on Tom Cruise's blind vice? You named Natalie Portman as a role-model. I totally agree with you but then if she's boring, why would she be a blind vice?

Dear Vetran Vice's:
Not sure what I can hint about Tom without giving it away. As for Nat, the Vice doesn't make her look bad.

Dear Ted:
I've been thinking a lot about all of the Rob Pattinson romance rumors and after seeing/reading interviews with him, I just don't think he's the type of guy to run off with a bunch of different girls. He seems like the "best friend" type of guy for most girls and wouldn't cheat on a girlfriend. Just my opinion. Also, what Blind Vice reveal would the AT readers be most shocked to learn about from your Superstars Gallery?

Dear Vampire Connection:
I dunno, Reese Witherspoon's is one of my faves.

Dear Ted:
I don't think Nelly Fang is Robert Pattinson, but why didn't you put him on the list of people it isn't? What was the reason behind that? You better answer this question. It will make up for my super crappy week. By the way I love you, and all of the Awful Truth team.

Dear Keep it Fun:
Why would I? There are tons of vampire related studs to put on there, just didn't choose Rob.

Dear Ted:
I was so sad to hear about Brittany Murphy's passing. At age 32—how devastating! People don't just up and die of natural causes at such a young age—I was thinking it was either drugs or an eating disorder; are you at liberty to discuss these matters or are you not going to discuss them until more information has come out? I wish all the best for her friends and family and hope they find peace eventually. Brittany Murphy you will be missed!

Dear To Say or Not to Say:
I think her friends hint around at some of her unfortunate problems. I was a fan of Brittany's, she will definitely be missed.

Dear Ted:
What's your dirt on Rachel McAdams?

Dear Sherlock Holmes:
She's a sweetheart! Maybe a tad pretentious at times, but compared to her Hollywood piers this girls a gem.


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