Robert Pattinson

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

"The people who say Rob [Pattinson] is Nelly Fang are so dumb. He's too sloppy for manscaping."

—One of our regular A.T. sources who gives us the dirt on Hollywood's skanky ways. This insider (par-tick up on Tiger knowledge, so you know he's a sleazepert) happens to frequent our blolumn and can't get enough of our Blind Vices

Deep Tiger seems to think you folks guessing R.Pattz as the superhorny vampire secretly into boys are off your rockers. Seriously, Rob running in short-shorts?

For those readers who follow us on Twitter, you've already gotten a few more clues as to who Nelly ain't. Feel any better?


Think Nelly Fang should be inducted into our Blind Vice Superstars gallery? Maybe someday!

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