Britney Spears, BS Report

Just how close are Britney Spears and her agent boyfriend, Jason Trawick, to getting hitched?

While they may not be engaged yet, a source says the pop princess met Trawick's parents for the first time this weekend during a visit to his family home.

Trawick happens to be the boyfriend who E! News first reported was dating Brit earlier this year, but at the time, her rep insisted their relationship was "just professional."

Why do we bring this up? Because Spears just posted a list on her website highlighting what she calls the "Top 75 Bullsh#!t Britney Spears" stories of 2009.

No surprise, our original romance story isn't among her picks. But check out the doozies that are...

Trawick is certainly a regular in gossip takes about Brit.

If all reports are to be believed, then Spears was not only pregnant with Trawick's baby in 2009, but he actually turned down her marriage proposal.

Spears was also going to convert to Judaism to appease Trawick, then again, another report claimed that she was hankering to become a Baptist minister and was being forced into intensive Bible study by her dad, Jamie.

Papa Spears was also accused of drugging his daughter.

But Britney, apparently, was being helped through all of this turmoil with so-called gardening therapy, which, of course, led her to become addicted to being a green thumb.

In the professional arena, 2009 included a planned postmortem duet with Michael Jackson and a movie based on her life.

She was also reported to be opening a bead shop—yes, a bead shop—in Venice, Calif., along with buying a soul food restaurant for her father.

And she also supposedly bought her body! The $350,000 she reportedly spent on getting back in shape included a tummy tuck, a breast lift and a multitude of chemical peels to treat her acne-prone skin.

But all the above didn't rank as No. 1 on Brit's list. So what trumped all? A British tab's report in February that she was dating Indian choreographer Sandip Soparrkar.

Happy New Year, Britney. Can't wait to see you and your headlines in 2010!

—Reporting by Ken Baker


The Internet is great for debunking rumors, but also for sending condolences like stars did yesterday on Twitter when they learned Brittany Murphy had passed away.

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