Brittany Murphy

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Hollywood is still stunned today by Brittany Murphy's sudden death, but friends who have been close to the Clueless star throughout the years wish they could be that surprised.

While an autopsy is slated for today, the coroner's chief investigator, Ed Winter, said he believed Murphy's death to be "natural."

Natural it may be, but acquaintances of Brittany's believe some of her lifestyle choices may have led to her early passing...

"Brittany seemed sick for a while," a devastated friend tells us.

We know that Murphy's mother had told paramedics her daughter had a diabetic condition, which can obviously affect diet. However, one of Brittany's friends was still overly concerned about her skinny state.

"She was very conscious of her weight," the source tells us. "But in this town, what actress isn't? Looking back now, it's something I wish I would have paid more attention to. It clearly was an issue for her."

The friend's worries didn't stop with her weight, though. "She made a few lifestyle choices that had her friends concerned. But it doesn't look like many people did anything about it."

One of Brittany's directors, René Eram, also noticed her rapid weight loss. He told E! News, "I didn't know or hear anything about eating disorders or anything like that, but I did notice she had lost some weight."

While public speculation over what caused B.M.'s death will obviously continue, her friends are "devastated" at this time.

"Brittany was a great person with a great heart, and she will be missed by everyone whose lives she touched," Murphy's friend tells us. "I wish I could say I'm surprised [at her death], but I'm not."

So sad. Troubled or not, Murphy was a very talented actress, and she will be missed. Our heart goes out to Brittany's family and friends at this time.


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