Jersey Shore Cast

Scott Gries/Picture Group for MTV

Wanna party with the Jersey Shore peeps? It's gonna cost ya!

Yes, the cast of MTV's suprise hit show is now taking appearance fees to attend events and parties.

But not all of these guidos and guidettes have the same price tag.

"We get the most requests for Mike (aka The Situation) and Pauly D," Michael Schweiger of CEG Talent told me. "They're $7,500 per person."

That'd buy a lot of hair gel and tanning sessions, huh?

To boot, that fee doesn't include their hotel rooms, as well as air and ground transportation costs, which also need to be covered by the requester.

And they're not just being asked to show up at clubs and parties, either. Schweiger says just last week, one girl requested to have Pauly D walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

No word on whether the DJ with the overgelled hair will say 'I do' to that offer, but she offered "loads of money," according to Schweiger.

If you're on a budget, there's cheaper castmembers you might be able to afford...

Snooki's asking fee is only $2,000 plus transportation, according to Neon Entertainment.

Secondary players like Ronnie and Vinnie are about $3,500 per person, while Jenni "J-Woww" is around $5,000.

"We're starting to see a lot more requests for Jenni," Schweiger tells me.

So where will the cast be counting down on New Years' Eve? MTV has already booked them to appear on their NYE live show.

As for the rest of 2010, if you want a piece of Jersey, you better act now...their schedules are supposedly filling up fast.

"We're booked through May and June," Schweiger told me.


Did you hear? Mike and Pauly might be leaving Jersey and heading west!

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