Tiger Woods

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Tiger Woods has shushed all comments from the Peanut Gallery.

Since news of the golf great's extramartial activities broke, Woods' official website TigerWoods.com has become a hotbed of controversy all its own. The site has recently been filled with commenters berating the embattled athlete for his actions, while others have taken it upon themselves to defend Woods' honor and athleticsm.

However, following Woods' final blog entry announcing his indefinite departure from the sport, the option to leave remarks on blog posts appears to have been removed from the site entirely, leaving only the "Dear Tiger" page, in which fans are encouraged to send the star a question—hecklers need not apply.

Not coincidentally, this same section of the site is now devoid of all things derogatory about Woods, leaving only sentiments of the pre-scandal ridden Tiger that the world knew and loved.


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