Nicole Kidman

Joe Kohen/Getty Images for Martini

Dear Ted:
Was that really make-up on Nicole Kidman's nose? I realize it takes a lot of powder to cover up all that shiny plastic, but yikes! Who will she fire over this? Love ya,
Lynn, Milford, CT

Dear All Powdered Up:
Plastic what? You mean her perpetually frozen forehead? Regardless, I think everything Nic covered up with Tom all those years is clearly having a residual effect. 

Dear Ted:
Excuse me, did you put any good news in your Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin thread? I for one don't need to be reminded that Rob and Kristen Stewart have active and engaging professional lives that they're obligated to attend to, and some personal ties outside of being attached at the hip, but when you do things like leave us hanging on the "good news" you start a firestorm on your boards. Can you make it a little clearer for your readers what the good news is supposed to be? Are Robsten doing well? (Enough ambiguity, your lack of words is starting to speak loud and clear.)

Dear Calm Down:
Duh, the good news is that Rob gets to actually act in this one and he's damn good, too! Not just anguished facial expressions like in Twilight.

Dear Ted:
As you have said many times, the children of celebrities did not sign on for the job. Leave them alone! Whatever one might think of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, stalking any child is completely unacceptable. At least an arrest has been made and safety assured for now.

Dear Creeper Status:
I completely agree with you.

Dear Ted:
About your latest Robsten update, I'm confused, are you saying there's trouble in paradise for Rob and Kris? I mean they haven't been seen together or haven't heard any reports of them being together. So are they still boyfriend/girlfriend?

Dear No Worries:
What do you call Venice love dates?

Dear Ted:
I have to confess I've only been reading AT for the last 6 months and I have never enjoyed a column in print or online more than yours! In particular, I admire your honesty when you believe you may have made a mistake as with Nikki Reed being queen bitch of the universe. I'm a big Robsten fan so as much as this will make people some people cringe, I wondered if you have any idea what the plans for RP and KS are for Christmas? And by the way Happy Holidays to you and the furry family!

Dear Holiday Vacay:
It's a fab question darling, we're all dying to know. Haven't heard anything...yet. Still got a week.

Dear Ted:
You said Rob and Emilie got "steamy"... does that mean Robsten is over? Please don't let it be!

Dear Hot 'n' Heavy:
Yeah, they got the movie.

Dear Ted:
Can someone snag and burn that awful, gray stocking cap thing that Jake Gyllenhall persists in wearing? How do any of his people let him out in public wearing that? He will never up his significant-other quality quotient with that on his head!

Dear Bad Looks:
Hate the hat, but Jake's still cute and doable in it. I think he won't have a problem finding a suitor who agrees.

Dear Ted:
Has Nick Jonas ever been in a Blind Vice?

Dear bad JoBro:
Ask again later.

Dear Ted:
I am a huge fan of Johnny Depp, and I gather you are, as well. So, he's always had his bad boy image and I love him for that, but in the end, he's been with Vanessa Paradis since 1998. Two kids, no marriage slip, and about five fabulous successful movies later and they're still going strong. Do you think they're the real deal? We never see a lot of them, which makes it seem as wonderful as it sounds. Could it just be?

Dear Depp-ite:
He's certainly no Tiger Woods, if that's what you're worried about.

Dear Ted:
Longtime reader, first-time writer. I just wanted to say I love what you do for shelter and rescue animals. Both my dogs are rescues and are the greatest things ever! I wanted to pass on a way that people can help shelter animals at no cost and that takes 10 seconds: go to the animal rescue site, where you can click on the purple button and help feed shelter animals for free. Even better, bookmark the site and click daily. If you want to donate to a shelter and can't afford it, this is a great alternative. Thanks and happy holidays!

Dear Animal Lover:
Thanks for the site! It's especially great for the holiday season right now.

Dear Ted:
Alright Ted. I love you, but I'm tired of the non-answers about Robsten. It seems like you're suddenly backing way off of the couple aspect of Rob and Kristen. What's really up? Are they still together or not?

Dear Worried about Paradise:
I've been saying it loud and clear...Rob and Kristen are all good.

Dear Ted:
Which of these celebrities are gay, since you like outing people? Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Kenny Chesney, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, J.C. Chazez, Nick Lachey. If you think people should live who they are name, all gay celebs. You don't have a problem cruelly outing certain people.

Dear Ironic:
Two things: firstly, I don't out people, never have. Secondly, if it bothers you so damn much, why the hell are you cruelly even asking the question?

Dear Ted:
Was Toothy Tile more famous when his vice came out a few years back and he is less popular while his vice is growing? Or is he still high up in fame in Hollywood land?

Dear Famous BV:
Toothy is pretty well known, as all celebs are at one point or another.

Dear Ted:
Hope you're feeling better and if not you're taking good care of yourself. Bronchitis is nothing to fool with and can develop into something much nastier if not treated properly. Now I'm hoping you will answer a question for me. Is Dashed Dingle Dream an actor, too, like Judas Jack-Off or if not is he still in some way involved professionally in the film industry?

Dear Motherly Love:
Thanks for the doc advice, and DDD is still in the Industry!

Dear Ted:
OMG, didn't realize Dakota Fanning was in The Runaways with K.Stew! How fab! Can hardly wait to see the badass chick flick, even though I'm not really into Joan Jett....the movie looks killer and I love those two!

Dear Rocker Chicks:
Welcome to the party, girlfriend! Both girls look awesome in the movie, can't wait for it myself!

Dear Ted:
In your article about Rob and Emile it was stated that Rob is actually better in Remember Me than he was in Twilight. Is it possible for Rob Pattinson to be a big box office success with his other movie roles other than Twilight? I remember the same being said for Zac Efron and in his movie Me and Orson Wells but his movie flopped in the box office. Both actors have been praised on their acting skills in their other movies but will they be able to recreate their success outside of the franchises that made them famous?

Dear Good Question:
Zac's flick was super indie, it didn't even get widely released. Rob's will be everywhere. I think both of those studs have big potential if they pick the right roles. 


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