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With all that microscopic media attention mainly on Tiger Woods these days, let's not forget there other public types who like to get their naughty on:

Leonardo DiCaprio, who still looks scrumptious, was hitting up the new LA hotspot Voyeur Thursday nite. Leo was in major get-it-on mode looking very single and very ready to mingle.

He was wearing his signature baseball cap and chatting it up with a few good-looking girls who seemed thrilled beyond belief the semi-stud was slobbering all over them.

Fame, ain't it always the perfect seducer?

L.D. was there with...

...BFF Kevin Connolly, who also seemed on the prowl, per usual, and Kev's Entourage costar Jerry Ferrara, was at the guys table, too. It was a veritable babe-netting posse!


Jer must be going strong with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 'cause he seemed more into a boy's night than the short-skirts multiply around him like horny flies. But he sure didn't mind the attention of the myriad gals at their table. We're told he kept it "very appropriate," tho. Damn.

At a prime spot in the opposite corner was...

Lindsay Lohan (who didn't interact with either of her rumored fictional hookups Leo or Kevin), who was actually surrounded by a gaggle of "friends." Quite the change from when we've see her in the past. Either Lilo has tamed her dramatic ways, or people still want to be around life of the party. It's a toss up, who knows.

La Lohan looked like a hot mess in a black jacket and short dress with her blonder-than-usual hair down and wild. Our club spy tells us Lindsay's legs "looked like toothpicks." Shocker that Linds may not be healthy.

While posted up with her hanger-on gang, LL was all smiles having a good time without being out of control. Hmm, happy or loopy? Yeah, but let's hope she keeps this sorta-class act up (for her anyways)!

Also at Voyeur, in between the two tables was...

Ryan Phillippe who was with a guy friend and a few other ladies. The girls were quite obviously waiting to be reeled in by the two handsome fellas, as these chicks hovered over them, hungry eyes and sashaying hips, included.

"[Ryan] didn't exactly look like he was missing his girlfriend," reports the clubber.

His GF in question would be Abbie Cornish. So does this mean there's trouble in paradise for the two? Maybe since Gyllenspoon is no more, he wants to woo Reese back?

Psh, hardly.

We know presh Reese would never be spotted in the same partying vicinity as Lindsay, etc. She's way more mature than Ry-Ry now, didn't you know?

RP wasn't crossing the line with any gals or anything—he was hardly being a Leo—but Phillippe was loving his time out, just the same, that's for sure.

Oh, and FYI, Ryan's still a dreamboat. He looked oh so hot in a quasi tight long-sleeved shirt, showing off his still built bod. Deelish! 

—Additional Reporting by Ashely Nunes


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