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So what is the "in" gift for the Hollywood holiday season this year?
—Libye, via Facebook

Well, there are the gifts that stars tell us they're buying—mostly precious charitable donations, green eco-Earthy crafty things, that sort of whatnot.

"Stars like Jennifer Aniston and Kristin Davis are promoting the 'Give Thanks' rhinestone T-shirts from St. Jude's, and Jennifer Love Hewitt always makes a donation to a favorite charity in the name of her friends," personal shopper and gifting guru Lash Fary of Distinctive Assets tells me. "And I know many, many stars like Pink, Adrian Grenier, Leo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz are always looking for 'green' gifts."

And then there are the real gifts—the ones stars don't want you to know about...

... and those are the extravagant toys that might look really shameful—in their minds, I guess—during these sad-sack economic times.

"Many stars are privately spending on big-ticket items for those nearest and dearest to them, but publicly they want to be conscious of the economic situation many of their fans are in," Fary dishes.

What kinds of fancy, down-low items? Pricey fine jewelry and cars, mostly, I am told.

Last year, a bunch of celebrities bought each other cars for Christmas: Tyler Perry reportedly bought Oprah and her best friend Gayle King each a $245,000 Bentley. Paris Hilton, meanwhile, apparently bought herself a pink Bentley this time last year, also as a Christmas gift. You know, for her best friend.

But beyond that, stars like to spend money on smaller stuff, too. As for other stuff, well, there are always those spa packages. Or luggage. Stars really apparently love luggage.

"Rachael Ray has been placing constant orders with us," a spokeswoman for the luggage company Titan tells me. "Her most recent one was just two weeks ago when she bought a ton of bags—some from our brand-new line called The Backstage—for her family and friends."

And that doesn't even include the custom luggage. For the kids.

"A celeb couple that not only travels ONLY with our luggage but has also been known to buy it as presents is Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale," the Titan spokesperson said. "We also did a special bag line just for their son Kingston that is not available for anyone to buy."

So now you know. It's luggage. Or a supersecret car.


Not getting Mom a pink Bentley? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide: For Her for some ideas, then.

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