Charlie O'Connell, Sarah Brice

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Reunited and it feels so good!

Season 7 Bachelor Charlie O'Connell and his final rose-winning lady, Sarah Brice, revived their onscreen romance last month after breaking up in 2007 when O'Connell refused to pop the question.

And from what O'Connell tells us, it's unlikely he's about to make the same mistake twice...

"As far as marriage goes, I think we're still working on being happy right now and clearing out the past," O'Connell told us recently at Spike TV's Video Game Awards. "But we're getting along and moving forward, so down the line, yes, there's a strong possibility we will get married."

"I'll get in trouble if I don't say that," he added jokingly.

Wedding bells or not, O'Connell has no doubt that you can find true love on television. "I think there's a billion ways to find love," O'Connell said. "And on The Bachelor, it seems very possible. It happened for me. I love my girlfriend."

Sounds like O'Connell and Brice could be giving Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter a run for their money!


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