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"It doesn't matter what each individual thinks over there, because I'm in control of it all."

That's been Russell Hantz's mantra since day one of Survivor: Samoa, and so it remains heading into Sunday's two-hour finale.

What, you didn't think the unblinking mastermind would fail to reach the final five, did you? Not when he's able to pull a rope and not disturb one single coconut, while opposing reward challenge captain Natalie White is dropping dozens at a time!

With Russell, Shambo Waters and Jaison winning a "massive feast" (Jeff Probst has always had a way with words) and a mattress-and-pillow overnight, each was extra perky—and cocky—heading into the immunity challenge.

Worst-case scenario for Russell:—Brett Clouser wins again.


Brett scored immunity for the second week in a row, securing a place in the finale before Tribal Council, forcing Russell to draw his fellow Foa Foa alums close once again and plot the demise of Shambo and her circa-1986 'do. (Or, as Russell called it, her "ho head mullet.")

And although the sneaky oil company owner (hmmm...) had originally wanted Brett and Mick Trimming, both far tougher competitors, physically, out of the way, former Galu member Shambo and her outsider status won out.

Or lost out, because the ex-Marine became the seventh member of the Survivor: Samoa jury tonight.

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"Foa Foa is a very, very loyal group, and though I've helped them get to where they are, they were loyal and true to their tribe," Shambo, who admitted to being a traitor to Galu during Tribal Council, said afterward.

That leaves sorta-sweethearts Natalie and Brett, Jaison Robinson, Mick and mastermind Russell in the running to be the top Survivor of them all.


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