Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson looking dashing as she braved our LA winter earlier this week.

ScarJo, wearing no makeup and still glowing, was snuggling up to a man in the elevator of the Century City shopping mall to keep her warm.

So who was it? Not hubby Ryan Reynolds...

We're not sure the identity of the lucky mystery fella, but we're told that Scarlett was arm-in-arm with the dude.

No, no, not in that way. Please, stars that are having affairs are way more stealth than mall-dates, people. Unless you're Tiger Woods or something.

Our arm-happy witness tells us Johansson walked out of the elevator holding onto her male companion in a "buddy-like" way.

Gay BFF? Longtime pal? Who knows, but if we looked like RyRy we would never be concerned. No one is going to leave that six pack!

Getting his holiday shopping on elsewhere was...

Rod Stewart, joined by his wife Penny Lancaster in Beverly Hills. Rod, being the nice man that he is, was approached by a longtime fan, and instead of brushing the gal off like tons of other celebs do, he kindly started a conversation with her!

While Stewart was chattin' it up with his fan, Penny walked over to a homeless guy on the street and gave him some money. Seems like the holiday cheer is in their hearts this year.

What a nice couple...not to mention nice lookin' too. Rod was in his signature metro-esque look, wearing a brown suede blazer and a scarf to top it off, while Penny sophisticatedly wore a long black coat and high heeled boots, towering over her man.

Looks like it was a star-filled afternoon in B.H., 'cause the bitchiest Hills gal was doing some shopping, too...

Kristin Cavallari was spotted a few streets over at Anastasia Salon. The sassy Hills star took a break from the shopping and went to the celeb-frequented Salon to get her eyebrows done.

Looking relaxed in a warm grey top and super cute flats, she walked into the shop as fast as she could to get away from the paps crowding her on the sidewalk. She gunned it for a seat in the back of the salon, away from the window. Although known as the ultimate bitch on the show, this babe was all nice when talking to the gals who worked there, but mostly kept to herself texting away on her Blackberry.

Guess she won't be getting any coals from Santa this year!

Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Ashely Nunes


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