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Want to make David Beckham feel awkward?

Try forcing him to participate in a sing-along.

Becks was on Lopez Tonight Wednesday, where he confessed to George Lopez that he recently got super embarrassed during an evening out with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

"I get so uncomfortable with crowd participation," Becks said. "We were at dinner once with Tom and Katie. We sat there and everyone was like, 'Let's play a music game...let's start a singing game,' " he told the audience. "That's my worst nightmare!"

It actually sounds pretty awful to us, too. We were always taught singing in restaurants is rude.

So what happened next?

"I'm, like, texting one of my friends who was in the same restaurant: 'Oh please, invite me on to your table,' " he said.

He's invited to our table anytime!

George then asked David if he's a good singer.

"Um, in the shower," he adorably answered.

That's another nice visual, huh?

Anyhow, we should probably add that Becks didn't totally bash Tom Cruise (even though we could totally see him as that crazy relative who tries to make everyone sing Christmas carols at the family dinner).

Not only did David call him a great parent, he also said the actor is "one of the most handsome men I've ever met."

Sounds like their bromance is getting serious!


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