Tiger Woods, Jamie Jungers

Jason Kempin/Getty Images, E! Networks

This is getting almost comical: The law looked into Tiger Woods' dubious behavior, wife Elin's ditching her ring, and the famed golfer's losing his endorsements, too! Now some of Tiger's own sports buds are, albeit reluctantly, beginning to add fuel to the media fire by trashing the golfing legend's taste in female company:

"It's just getting so much worse, day after day," complained a colleague and friend to Tiger, who begged us to remain anon. "The man had horrible taste in women! His wife was prettier than just about all of them put together."

Want to hear something even more damning from Tiger-ville?

"The stuff about people in [Tiger's] life denying knowledge of him cheating is completely bogus," continues our Woods hanger-on, regarding the loyalists who are claiming they had no idea Tiger had this other side to him.

Adds our Woods loose-lipper, who gets more comfortable dishing the more Tiger implodes: "Maybe they're not all privy to the specifics, but, just look at Tiger's level: he doesn't travel solo, without security, an agent, an assistant, a manager, a publicist—one of them, at least—at all times, so they knew."

Our Woods chum, who's highly successful in the sports biz, certainly has a point, not to mention a depressing parting shot, we didn't ask for:

"It's a sad fact, but, most athletes cheat on their spouses."

Just like movie stars, eh?


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